Say NO to chemicals

Say NO to chemicals

Research has shown that the constant use of chemical fertilizers on crops was having a very negative impact on soil health. Conventional fertilizers might have a high percentage of elements, but most of these remain unavailable until broken down & chemical fertilizers kill essential microorganisms.

Once the microorganisms are killed, the nutrients become locked into the soil and unavailable to the plants. So, to get the same yields, year after year, farmers have to put more and more chemical fertilizers onto the soil. This starts a vicious cycle, where the soil becomes more and more depleted.

The solution is to practice Regenerative Farming by using Organic Fertilizers as part of your fertilizing strategy.

Fertilizing and aerating your soil with good maintenance will go a long way to controlling your weeds. However, if you find you still have weeds on your lawn, this could be a sign or infertile soil or stressed turf. Here are some common signs of a troubled lawn:

  • Moss indicates a shady, acid and infertile soil.
  • Nutsedge indicates that the soil is too wet and poorly drained.
  • Crabgrass indicates that the turf is not dense and healthy and that you may be mowing too low to shade out new weed seeds that are trying to germinate.
  • Dandelions may indicate a potassium deficiency

GuanoBoost 100% Organic Fertilizer ensures healthy soil and puts back the nutrients in your lawn.


You feed your body with nutrition continuously why not your plants?

GuanoBoost is a complete garden nutrition solution that works for lawns, trees, shrubs, veggies and indoor plants. You only have to use GuanoBoost once a month throughout the year for amazingly healthy green lawns, plants and trees.

Why use natural fertilizers instead of synthetic lawn fertilizers?

Because they are better for your grass, the environment, and they are proven to work better than synthetics. This is because it is made from 100% Organic GuanoBoost Fertilizer and Seabird Guano is one of the best organic fertilisers in the world today.
Make your fertilizer more effective with 100% Organic GuanoBoost which immediately puts back all the nutrition it needs.

Ensure protection from cold and sun exposure while maintaining a healthy pH level.
Avoid using chemicals on your garden.

The challenge of not using organic fertilizer as part of an overall fertilizer strategy is that you’re not giving the soil the essential nutrients it needs to survive and thrive over the long term.
By putting more and more chemical fertilisers on your soil each year, you are actually killing the micro and macro elements in the soil.
Organic fertilisers, like 100% organic GuanoBoost, promotes micro and macro element growth in the soil which not only gives the soil the boost it needs, but also releases the trapped nutrients in the soil, making them available to the plants.

If your lawn is addicted to a chemical diet, you can still make the change to a natural lawn diet with 100% Organic GuanoBoost.
Improve the quality of your soil and the health of your lawn with our fertiliser. Your lawn, pets and kids will thank you over time!



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