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Fertilisers and Lawn Food

Nutrients are required by plants to grow and reproduce. The right combination keeps them strong, vigorous and healthy. 

If these nutrients are not present in the soil in sufficient amounts your plants will not thrive, and may even die. The most common deficiencies found are in the Primary Nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), for these are in the greatest demand by plants and may be quickly depleted from garden soil.

Soil differs from place to place. Some soils are “dead”, as there are no soil micronutrients available in the soil to help the plant grow. Fertilizers help enrich the soil and help plants to be stronger and healthier.


Lawn Care

A well fed and groomed lawn is an asset.

All living organisms, lawn and plants require nourishment to stay healthy.
A well-maintained lawn will have healthy turf, rich in needed macro and micro elements with a lush green carpet that will smother any weeds that tend to invade the lawn, by smothering out the weeds before it can get a stronghold in the lawn.


Lawn Scarifying

Lawn scarification is the process used to remove excessive amounts of thatch from a lawn and is an important part of lawn care and maintenance.

Scarifying is done using a mechanical lawn Scarifier which has adjustable rotating steel blades to cut the thatch out without destroying the healthy grass.

In some cases it can even penetrate the soil below the surface to improve aeration and the quality of the grass roots.


Weeds Removal

The best way to avoid weeds is to have an actively, healthy growing turf that grows vigorous to form a dense canopy that keeps light from the soil surface.

Weed infestation will be kept at bay if you follow a fertilising and watering program and mow the lawn regularly. Make sure you understand the use of herbicides and insecticides.


Greenturion is a professional garden service company.

We offer a broad range of gardening and pest control services to homeowners, housing and business complexes.

Kindly contact us with any of your requirements and we will gladly assist.

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