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In 2009 Greenturion started out as a service provider, solely owned and operated by the owner. The Company started off with the aim on quality garden maintenance. As the company grows and client requirements changes, Greenturion had no option, but to keep up with these needs. Homeowners expect more than the basic service supplied by everyday garden services.

The regular “mow, blow and go” service has altered to a comprehensive need for a more structured service. A large percentage of clients have a need for a pest control service incorporated in a garden maintenance program. To implement this strategy the company owner had to attend various courses to be allowed to register with the Dept of Agriculture as a Pest Control Officer. These courses are mandatory to be able to obtain a Pest Control License. Without this operator’s license, a person is not allowed to use pesticides and herbicides for payment.

Greenturion Garden Care is a residential and corporate lawn care service, targeting working homeowners, housing and business complexes that cannot carry out garden care on their own. Many families in our targeted area have chosen to own property with a well maintained garden. However, many of them are unprepared for the level of care gardens require, and end up with small gardens near the house, and overgrown areas further away.

Greenturion Garden Care offers pest and weed control as a service to existing clients as well as to prospective clients. This service is a first in the industry. The aim is to supply a one stop garden maintenance service that includes all aspects of garden and lawn Care.

Lawn care entails the supplement of a special blend of fertilizer that is specially developed for the growing needs of lawn. It is high in all the necessary micro elements and growth enhancers. The use of broad spectrum herbicides and pest control pesticides will ensure that the client’s turf and garden will be kept in excellent condition throughout the growing phase.

Greenturion Garden Care’s competitive edge will be our high quality work and unflagging professionalism.


Greenturion is a professional garden service company.

We offer a broad range of gardening and pest control services to homeowners, housing and business complexes.

Kindly contact us with any of your requirements and we will gladly assist.

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Christo / Kitty
Cell: 083 284 4911
Email: info@greenturion.co.za

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